Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is what I get for not frequently watching C-Span...

If C-Span did more programs like American Writers, The American Presidents, and a few years back a program based on Tocqueville's Democracy in America I would probably watch more. Instead there is often rather dry coverage of public affairs. Perhaps dry isn't the right word but I suppose that for a long time it just doesn't interest me much.

Then I switch onto C-Span tonight and I find their latest special programming, The Capitol. And I'm liking it so far history has always been such an interesting subject for me. History was why I enjoyed the series American Presidents which aired back in 1999.

Either way this program is going to be aired over the next three nights. Tonight they talked about the history of the capitol itself. They looked at the early history of the Capitol, then the dome of the Capitol, and finally the looked at the bowels of the building. To my astonishment there was even a tomb that was meant for President George Washington!!!

The next two installments will looks at the House wing of the Capitol on Thursday and the Senate Wing gets its day on Friday. I hope you enjoy and you have your record buttons on!!!

Now I want to start watching C-Span more. This channel was the earliest way I got tuned into politics. And right on the heels of passing my eighth grade constitution exam with flying colors.

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