Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Kentucky Derby

I saw some of the lead up to the Kentucky Derby today. I was amazed to see Ludacris there are the derby all dressed up almost like a pimp. I had to do some errands today so I couldn't stick around and watch the actual derby.

This reminded me of the many times I was with my dad. We during the day or at some moments during the afternoons or evenings went to the races. We went to them all in the area such as Sportsman's Park, Hawthorne Race Course, Arlington International Racecourse, Maywood, and Balmoral.

It seems that although racing has no season if I recall correctly the harness racers ran during the fall and winter while the throughbreds would run during the spring and summer. I never understood the betting system. For instance I never understood betting to place or show and I never understood the trifecta. All I knew was that my dad would bet on the horses and they would race and whoever was the fastest won.

I miss those days. It's not likely that I'll ever do it myself in the near future though but who knows maybe I can buy a horse that will make it to the Kentucky Derby. I won't merely make a bet. Since we're talking about the Kentucky Derby I'm willing to bet that one would need some serious cash to bet.

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