Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Meet the Alderman...

Meet Chicago's only Republican alderman. Alderman Brian Doherty represents the northwest side's 41st ward and he is the one I don't know much about. There is little information about him on his city council page.

This guy has an interesting history. His family used to live in Austin and this was during the beginning of white flight there with the riots in light of Dr. King's assasination. He worked construction then got a degree from Northeastern Illinois University. He worked for the Republican boss the late State Rep. Roger McCauliff.

McAuliff encouraged him to run against then Ald. Roman Pucinski and the goal was never to win. It was to build name recognition but this was going to be Doherty's time. The people of the 41st didn't like Pucinski. This is a quote from Doherty...
"He was too caught up in being a 'downtown alderman,' meeting visiting foreign dignitaries. The people in this ward, they care about 30 feet in front of their homes. This job is all about nuts and bolts."
He was also a former Golden Gloves champion and also he was the only one of 47 aldermen who voted against a city council resolution urging Congress to hold hearings into reparations for the descendants of African slaves. Not only did this vote play well in the white ethnic 41st ward but it also played with his colleagues on the city council. Ald. Dorthy Tillman (3rd Ward) was a primary sponsor of this bill and this is what she had to say...

"He was honest," said 3rd Ward Ald. Dorothy Tillman
Either way the article states that he has finished his Master's degree at Loyola University. He handed Kogan his thesis titled "The Relationship Between Blacks and Republicans." I'd honestly would like to get hooked up with that.

One more parting quote from this article it's about his distinction as a Republican Chicago alderman. And I'll get caught up on those profiled alderman that I have missed later on...

"It's not a meaningful distinction. There's not a Democratic or Republican way to pick the garbage up," he says.

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