Friday, April 28, 2006

Leo High School Continues the Mission of Edmund Rice

I like this post from the blog Every Heart and Hand: Leo High School Story. It talks a little bit about Leo High School on 79th and Sangamon located in the mostly black Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. It is a Catholic high school that has recieved its share of ups and downs and somehow is able to survive mostly through it's alumni.

This story starts off with hostilities between Irish American and Black American. Then it goes into how the Irish alumni of this academy are giving back to give black teenage boys a chance to go to college. The school is mostly black today and hard to believe there were actually white boys going to school there.

This just goes to show another example how a neighborhood changes. As a result the composition of a school changes. Either way the current arrangement works and what's unfortunate though I'm sure there's a good reason the outside black community (other than black alumni of Leo) don't support the school. I would say that's unfortunate if the school is absolutely an asset.

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