Tuesday, April 18, 2006

'Hanoi Jane' Fonda Declines Iraq War Protests

I rarely discuss the Iraq war here, but this makes sense. She isn't liked by Vietnam veterans. I've heard a story that she visited a POW camp and the servicemen gave her some notes that she was supposed to send to their families. Instead she gave them to their captors.

I would be inclined to say this was a youthful mistake. Besides she's probably amongst the first of many "Hollywood activists" who have been vocal on the issue of war and peace. They're especially loud today since President Bush has been elected in 2000.

Today, we're not inclined to hear what they say. Indeed, I've seen out there information which may place the education of these Hollywood activists vs. Bush administration. The verdict for them is not good, especially if education is an appropriate measurement.

So I guess as far as the current campaign goes Jane Fonda made the right decision as indicated on NewsMax...

"I wanted to do a tour like I did during the Vietnam War, a tour of the country," the Oscar-winning actress said Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"But then Cindy Sheehan filled in the gap, and she is better at this than I am. I carry too much baggage."

I remember she was interviewed on I believe 60 Minutes. She says she regrets posing on the barrel of that gun in Vietnam. I forget the reasons why but she knows now that may not have been a smart thing to do. Perhaps it's age but today she knows she can't do what Cindy Sheehan has been doing for a while now.

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