Sunday, April 02, 2006

Deal might spare life of girl's accused killer

Ryan Harris was murdered in the Englewood community in July 1998. Police originally charged two boys aged 8 and 7 with her murder however they were cleared when DNA evidence from Ryan's underwear was examined. Then using this same evidence Floyd Durr was connected to the crime, he had been arrested on August 28, 1998 for three assaults on other young girls in Englewood. He was set to be placed on trial on May 1st.

In an article in today's Sun-Times Harris' mother has said that there is a plea deal that would take the death penalty off the table and give Durr apparently life in prison. He is already serving a 125 year sentence for his other assaults on Englewood girls. However, there were no indications of a deal at a court hearing on Friday. So who knows what the deal is.

Either way this man apparently has a history of this activity and unfortunately a child is dead because of it and the city in chasing the wrong people had to settle a lawsuit over their arrest of two little boys. Now there might be a plea deal which will spare Durr's life. If there's not a deal the Defense for Durr has placed a motion that seeks to bar the death penalty on the basis that Durr is mentally retarded.

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