Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cynthia McKinney...

For almost the past week we've heard something about the latest antics of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Currently she's serving her latest term after returning to the House of Representatives last year. She was defeated back in 2002 and the person who took her seat opted to run and lose for the Senate.

In any case the story started when apparently she decided to go around a metal detector and opted to assault a US Capitol police officer. Now the case is on its way to federal prosecutors and it looks like Ms. McKinney is going to have an arrest warrant out on her. This seems a little unnecessary doesn't it.

Of course this was apparently not boiled down to something that could have resolved easily has turned into charges of racial profiling. And that's aside from the possibility of federal prosecution and getting arrested for this. This really does seem unnecessary.

At least with Sen. Barack Obama he doesn't seem very tempermental. Even if the Capitol Police just so happened to engage in racial profiling. Though I'm sure Barack will call them on it if they did try it on him. McKinney on the other hand has been around a while should any of this surprise anyone.

In any case I found some quotes from an interview she did with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. This is thanks to Rush Limbaugh and basically I'll let you judge for yourself what she said. This interview probably would have been a softball one if McKinney hadn't contradicted herself. It started with Wolf Blitzer asking about the new hairstyle...

McKINNEY: Wolf, the only thing I can say about the juxtaposition of those two pictures is that in one of them I happened to have a little more makeup on, about the way I am here on CNN today. But the bottom line is that my face hasn't changed, and I haven't changed. I've looked like this for the entire 11 years that I've been in Congress, and so I don't understand exactly why it is that certain police officers have a problem remembering my face.

BLITZER: "Well, I guess the basic question, congresswoman, is if they asked you to stop and identify yourself or go through the detector?, what's the big deal? Why not do that?"

McKINNEY: Today we had black elected officials from the Georgia Legislative Caucus at the time when Coretta Scott King's body lay in state at the Georgia State Capitol, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus was not allowed into the building to form a part of the procession. Why? They can't even answer the question except that the security at the Georgia Capitol did not recognize them as duly elected members, able to carry out the mandate of the people who sent them to the legislature. It oesn't matter if you're in the United States Capitol or the Georgia Capitol, the issue is racial profiling.

BLITZER: "This is an extremely serious charge you're making, congresswoman."

McKINNEY: Well, I haven't made a charge. I just asked you to do a little bit of research.

BLITZER: No, no, no, but you're talking earlier about racial profiling and that there was racism involved in stopping you for questioning because you weren't wearing your congressional pin.

McKINNEY: Now, Wolf, you know I didn't say that, so don't twist my words.

BLITZER: Well, tell us what you said.

McKINNEY: Don't even begin to twist my words.

BLITZER: Tell us what you said.

McKINNEY: Whatever it is that I said is already on the tape. So you can replay the tape.
McKinney an Embarassment Regardless of Hairstyle from
McKinney's arrogance crosses line from the Atlanta Journal Constitution


CD said...

McKinney's lost it if she struck that guy.

Sickofspin said...

McKinney 'apologized' today. But exactly who did she apologize to?

A true and wise leader, when asked by an officer to stop, would turn around, comply with instruction, properly introduce themselves and THANK the officer for doing his job.

Better to make a friend, than an issue.

cynthia said...

Barack is not temperamental because they are not constantly attacking him. When they grow tired of him, he will be attacked in every way imaginable however mundane and silly it may seem. And Rush Limbaugh is a trickster. The English language is such that you can easily twists words.

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