Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slating judges...

I was doing a google search on Republican Cook County judges and I found this article from the Chicago Sun-Times on a slating meeting for judges. When slating is discussed this brought to mind an episode from the biography of Mayor Richard J. Daley. We saw that Mayor Martin Kennelly of Chicago wasn't going to get the blessing of Chicago's Democratic establishment so the nod went instead to Mayor Daley.

So in this article the process of slating a judge. It doesn't exactly involve appropriate qualifications, but it does involve the work a particular judicial candidate has done helping to get out the vote. Of course it involves loyalty to the party especially in campiagns but also in curbing your ambitions.

I found a study on slating judges in Cook County. If the party chooses you as their pick, then your stock has just been raised. You are more likely whether you're a Democrat or a Republican to be elected than you would be if you weren't. I'm sure those of you who know how the system works is already familiar with this fact.

Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat slating helps you significantly in this study. You're more likely to be elected if your party slates you that you would if your party fails to slate you. You have to really work the crowd and not prove yourself to be too independent. It's unfortunate that this works that way but that is just reality.

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