Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Cook County GOP celebrates black history month...

I've been getting emails from the Cook County GOP with press releases on a specific topic for black history month. There was one topic I'm not sure how to tackle that got my attention about there latest initiative and that's on abortion. I thought it wasn't very smart on there part to go into this issue and I'll discuss why in a second.

But so far they hit on the main things that they do want to touch upon. Mainly the history of the Republicans Party and their role in helping to free the slaves and even their role in enacting civil rights legislation. Today they focus on black leadership and how independent leadership is basically discouraged at least in the city of Chicago, where if you enjoy the support of the predominant political machine you just might be able to continue to perpetuate long term control.

I've attempted to state on this blog my idea that there should be more blacks on the other side of the aisle instead a majorityof blacks elected to vote almost exclusively for one party. And at that the only thing blacks seems to get from that is empty promises. Unfortunately if you do elected to vote for a candidate of another party well someone has a problem with that and you might be consider anti-black or something along those lines. Well that's unfortunate and it really takes away from those real issues that affect the black community. This can only serve to help perpetuate those who can benefit from this extreme loyalty and getting a whole lot of nothing in return.

So let me get back to abortion. The Cook County GOP had a press release on abortion and I saw an account of this from Illinoize yesterday. Honestly I'm anti-abortion and it wouldn't bother me if the Supreme Court of the United State repealed Roe vs. Wade. On the other hand I think this is a losing issue for an organization that is already the minority in Cook County.

This may very well be the pet issues of the social conservatives and there is a way to use this issue but without scaring people away. I could say this is no different than those individual who feel so strongly about the abortion issue that they bomb abortion clinics. Conversly on the other side when it comes to the abortion issue they simply want to silence opposition and they do that by making this a woman's issue and throwing around the term of sexism.

Unfortunately I think the Republican party for too long hasn't had a decent strategy for attracting black voters. I truly believe there is a ready made constituency willing to vote that way. There is definitely a way to go about it and unfortunately you're not going to attract those who aren't inclined to vote Republican.

Oh yeah one more article to the discussion. This Newsmax article from Dick Morris talking about those black Americans who are running on the Republican ticket around the country. I mentioned a couple of them in an earlier post. Also add to that Lynn Swann running for governor of Pennsylvania. Morris' article closes out with this...
The Democratic Party has always treated the African-American vote like a golfer's handicap. A Democrat takes the black vote for granted and a Republican, until recently, takes its loss as a given. But the growth of black candidates among Republicans — a result of the declining power of racism in politics — may force both parties to change that calculation.

If the black vote becomes "in play" as the Hispanic vote has, there will be a whole new politics in this country of ours.
This is good news but as for the black vote being in play I have to see it.

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