Friday, February 17, 2006

Affirmitive Action...

I haven't taken a position on affirmitive action on this blog. It is one of those pet issues of conservatives. They went so far as to engage in court action to appeal one form of affirmitive action that is in university admissions. For instance at the University of Michigan when you turn in your application it is said that you get a certain amount of points for your race. It doesn't matter if you're qualified to be a student at University of Michigan but race might be the one thing that might get you admitted of course that isn't the one thing that will keep you in school.

Well this is one of those issues I'm not very strong on because despite my rather conservative beliefs I agree with affirmitive action to some extend. Why not offer some type of avenue where say black businesses are able to compete for business or contracts? This of course is only provided that they are qualified to do the work they are contracted for. One could of course apply this to the issue of affirmitive action in hiring. It is OK as long as that individual seeking a particular job or position is qualified for it.

Now as for education, many people use this idea of legacy admissions. That you are admitted to college because your father or grandfather or whomever went to school there way back when. Also they may also just so happen to be (though not necessary for consideration) distinguished alumni.

I guess in this regard I can be nowhere in the camp of Justice Clarence Thomas. So if anything unless affirmitive action is absolutely a broken system then our public leaders shouldn't take stepts to eradicate it. If anything they should be allowed to continue to refine it so that it will benefit those who are involved.

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