Saturday, January 21, 2006

An update on the George Ryan corruption trial

I had subscribed to CBS2Chicago's blog on former Governor George Ryan's trial. This morning there was an update on the trail the Prosecution is about to rest their case and the defense is on deck. The jury may begin to deliberate after Valentine's Day according to this report. I haven't followed this trial as faithfully as I should have, however, I've learned more in this short clip than I had if I had painstakingly followed every detail.

Honestly, I have my beliefs about Governor Ryan. I have considered his commutation of all death row sentences to be suspicious in light of the fact that he was under the gun during about all four years of his term as Governor. No doubt everyone who has in interest in this is probably watchig the trial.

Perhaps if I follow this trial I'll learn a little more about what was going on. I may have convicted Governor Ryan in my mind but hopefully the truth will come out in court and we'll get to the root. Hopefully this might be a catalyst for reform. Ideally from both sides of the aisle. For now I'll just follow the trial and let justice prevail.

Also I should mention that Ryan may have a little following in the black community thanks to his actions on the death penalty before he left the governorship. Thanks in part to the "perception" (and I put those in quotes because I'd like to find some facts on this) that blacks are disportionally placed on death row. He's made a round on Chicago's access channels over the summer. Again I have questioned his motivations for doing so.

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