Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One year anniversary...

This is the first anniversary post of this blog. It's been an amazing year. I've went from simple text to posting some pictures (you can see my developing photo talent if you subscribe to my feed). I still hope to be able to post some video in the near future, but this will be for fun. I don't plan on doing any mini-documentaries just see what I can do with it.

Still the focus of this blog will be mainly on politics, current events, and loosely on personal interests. I intend to explore a little bit of black history though I've been doing that all along. I want to do more with that. I haven't totally decided yet but I think it is time for this blog to have a face lift a new look and that good stuff but we shall have to see on that.

I hope you enjoyed the first year. I'm sure you have some criticisms or praises don't be afraid to holla. This blog now has an email address. As always though you may post comments in this post. Thanks for reading and your support.

itsmymind (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! I'll add you to my faves.

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