Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

I posted this not too long after the start of the new year. So now I've elected to edit this post to really talk about this blog and some of my plans for the year.

First off I would like to make a format change. This blog was mostly started as a political/current events blog. The focus was mainly on black issues. That won't change but I want to talk more about personal interests. Personal interests is more of a loose term. It may entail entries about my personal life and/or some personal projects I may undertake in my life or for this blog. I suppose I'll figure this out at some point as I start to engage in this format change.

Next, I've already added pictures to it so it will figure as an important part of this blog. Again the pictures may be more of personal interest than they would be of any political or current events interest. I'm just taking pictures at random but who knows I may run into something newsworthy.

Oh yeah since this is about the one year anniversary since I started this blog I would like to do something special on the very day that I started this blog. I don't know what yet but I'd like to try something. It could be lame or it could be great I don't want to say yet. I'm not good at planning things in advance.

Still I hope to really experiment with this blog this year. I must admit that I really like what I'm doing here. I wish everyone a wonderful new year. May this one be a good one.

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