Sunday, January 22, 2006

Clinton-Obama 2008

I've recently heard about an appearance former first lady Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton made to a black church on Dr. King's birthday. They were said to be controversial and racially exploitive. Basially Sen. Clinton was attempting to make a comparison between the GOP's control of Congress and a plantation.

You'd be very hard pressed to find any black leader who may disagree. Generally only the most radical seeking some attention may have an issue with this statement. Generally people like Rev. Al Sharpton and Sen. Barack Obama have come out defending Hillary's statement both believing it to be the truth.

Basically the point of the criticism is that perhaps saying something like this may have been a bad idea on King's birthday. That this is nothing more than an attempt to really scare blacks into continuing to support the Democratic Party. Who knows if that is even effective anymore.

So what is the post title about. Well I want to bring to your attention this post from Illinoize about Sen. Clinton's comments and Sen. Obama's rebuttle. The author here wants to say that Obama wants to be Sen. Clinton's running mate. Is it far-fetched? I can't say but this was a good post and I really enjoyed the ensuing discussion as well.

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