Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quit isolating poor or face riots

This was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times and I first heard about it on the Rush Limbaugh program on Friday. He made a statement at a ground breaking for a mixed income development which is to be bulit on the site of the former CHA Stateway Homes bounded by 35th, Federal, State and Pershing. It will be called Park Boulevard.

Daley talked about the rioting that happened in Paris over the past month which basically involved Muslim youth. Daley fear something similar can happen here in the states. So basically he made this statement...

"We're the only city in the nation attacking this problem. If they don't attack the problem and do something about it. . . . You keep reading all about Paris, outside of Paris. Isolation of the poor, what has taken place there. That could come very quickly to the United States,"
Rush Limbaugh titled this link Mayor Daley Says Poverty Will Turn Us into France. On his show, and I agree somewhat, his statement with regards to the idea of a mixed income development will have be proven to be a good idea. I'm not that sure that it is, however, perhaps isolating the poor isn't a very good idea. It definitely wasn't on the State Street corridor.

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