Thursday, December 22, 2005

Abandoned twins found...

This was on the news last night. Some twins were found at a church on the west side. This is considered illegal because state law requires thatparents can leave their babies less than 3 months old at hospitals and at fire and police stations.

These twins a boy and a girl were found at North Austin Lutheran Church on 1500 North Mason. They were found at about 7:45 Wednesday morning by a custodian, Kenneth Green. Originally Mr. Green had named them Kenneth and Kennetha Hope. At the emergency room however, there were renamed Mary and Joseph to fit the Christmas season.

Thankfully these babies were found somewhere they can be found and with the hope that they will be safe. The Sun-Times article I'll link to mentions other abandoned twins in which one set were found dead in a Stickney, Illinois dumpster in June 2003.

Abandoned twins found at church Chicago Sun-Times.

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