Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Illinois Leader is dead...

I deleted the feed off of My Yahoo where it was for the past year. It hasn't beem updated since around the time the White Sox won the world series. There was one more column and like an idiot since I deleted the feed I'm not sure how I can access the column.

I would visit the website and all I get is like a banner but no other content. It seems it was never profitable to begin with. Took in more money than it made. They have had like subscription drives and such but I guess it didn't get them anywhere. And indeed it is now a relic.

This source has taught me a little bit about Illinois politics and perhaps even national and a little Chicago politics. I would just like to see more people try to follow what goes on in City Hall or at the County as much as I like to see coverage in Springfield. It seemed to have attempted to bring people a little more closer to state and local government. While in theory government in Illinois is supposed to be open it really isn't and even then people don't really seek to get involved and that's just my observation.

Perhaps that's the beauty of this bloggosphere. All it takes is an individual with an interest and the writing skill or perhaps with the technical know-how to make podcasts and videoblog to look at public affairs. In any case for now if any individual to use the blogging medium to follow their government now it is back to the absolute grassroots. The regular Joes who only has to set up an account and get started broadcasting their opinions. There isn't even a need unless you're totally ambitious to get extra money for webspace.

I hope though that Illinois Leader may return to the landscape. If not well hopefull someone will get the conservative or citizen POV across. If there is one place that needs to encourage more citizen participation and debate, it's in Illinois.

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