Friday, October 07, 2005

White Sox are in the ALCS!!!

They swept the defending world series champion in the ALDS in Boston after winning the first two games at home at US Cellular Field. Who they face is another question. Yankees and Angels are tied in their series 1-1 and they play tonight on ESPN. Other wise this is how the scores broke down...

Game 1: White Sox 14, Red Sox 2 in Chicago
Game 2: White Sox 5, Red Sox 4 in Chicago
Game 3: White Sox 5, Red Sox 3 in Boston

Fans hope that we'll take on the Yankees because the Angels have kicked the Sox pretty good during the season. We'll have to see. Also just like the Cubs, it has been emphasized that the Sox has won their first post season series since whenever they last won the world series. For the Cubs that was 1908 and for the White Sox 1917. In additon the last pennant titles for both teams were respectively 1945 (FYI, that was the year when the Curse of the Goat came into effect and as a result the Cubs have not won a pennant since 1945) and 1959 with the Go Go White Sox of Bill Veeck.

In additon both teams have made the playoffs since the playoffs formats was changed in the late 60s. The Sox made their first appearance in 1983 with Tony LaRussa as manager. This occured not too long after Jerry Reinsdorf took ownership of the White Sox. The Cubs made their first appearance (also after a change in ownership to the Tribune Company) in the baseball playoffs in 1984. Up until this year the Cubs had more playoff appearances and had actually advanced in the playoffs. Also the Sox has never once won a wild card all their recent playoff appearances have been as a result of division titles.

Here's hoping the Sox can continue to move forward in the playoffs.

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