Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bridgeport story from Channel 2 Chicago

CBS 2 Chicago has a story about the redevelopment of the Bridgeport neighborhood. And this is a timely story in light of the Chicago White Sox playoff run. According to the video this boom occurred before the White Sox run but it definitely helps.

I write about this only because of Bridgeport's significance in Chicago history. This was the home of the Daley dynasty from Richard J. Daley to his sons Richard M., John P. and Bill Daley. It also didn't exactly have a great history among African Americans. There are stories in which black activists would try to move into the neighborhood during the 60s only to have some trickery used to move them out. There were some racial hardfeelings in this white ethnic neighborhood.

But my how times have changed. It's changed for the better. New residents are moving in and they're not just white ethnic nor working class (as Bridgeport has been historically). Besides the near south side had been redeveloping as of late anyway from Bronzeville, Printer's Row, Dearborn Park, etc. I wonder if any black folks will wind up moving there.

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