Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mr. Habarek series

The vlog Human Dog has a series on a public high school teacher named Mr. Habarek. He is starting to feel apathetic because his job is not made easier by all fronts namely the students, the parents, perhaps even his own bosses. It gets so very depressing but it is a good insight into the mind of a public school teacher.

Honestly I couldn't even imagine. I was hell on my teachers at times. It's a given that I was not as bad as the thugs I ran into in high school. And there were definitely those who were preturbed by my unwillingness to work hard in class. I almost got held back a grade for it. And this guy just breaks it down for me and I don't envy his job at all because of the stresses he's going through at this stage of his career.

Well in any event there are five videos of him and there are supposed to be more and as long as there will be more videos I'll nudge this post back to the top. and I hope that you enjoy them. I also hope you gain something from it and realize the role YOU must play in your child's education. You can get to these videos by clicking the link for Mr. Habarek and clicking the thumbnail photograph in the upper right hand corner.

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