Sunday, August 21, 2005

'Peace Mom's' marriage a metaphor for Dems

From Mark Steyn of the Sun-Times. It has come out that Mrs. Cindy Sheehan marriage is in divorce court. He makes the case that her marriage to Pat Sheehan is almost no different than how the radicalised has taken control of or at least have become the loudest faction of the Democratic Party. Reading these quotes from Mrs. Sheehan...

"murdered by the Bush crime family."

You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana . . . You get America out of Iraq, you get Israel out of Palestine."

"America has been killing people on this continent since it was started. This country is not worth dying for."
I can't say that I can honestly support her now because of this. She's not a grieving mother anymore, she's adhering to an agenda of her new friends. They would make these kinds of statements.

Remember yesterday when I praised Dianne Feinstein for her criticism of San Francisco. When a liberal or a conservation did something right, they've earned my respect. If they can't reason their way out of a paper bag, then I think there might be a problem.

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