Thursday, August 25, 2005

In some black zipcodes of Chicago.

There are those who are giving campaign donations to political parties, political action committes, and individual candidates. Perhaps in America today this is the ultimate way to exhibit political power. If one wants their candidate to win sometimes one must bankroll the candidate. In some races this could take millions.

So in two of the blackest zipcodes in the city of Chicago, 60628 and 60619 I was surprised to see a few donation to Republican organizations. Whether it is the Illinois GOP or the Republican National Committee. They pale in comparison to those who donated to Democratic candidates, PACs, and the Democratic party itself, however, I'm surprised that somebody is.

How did I find this out? Well I was doing a google search on an officer at my neighborhood bank. He's the only white officer there and somehow I got on this site which allowed an individual to look up who donated to who. This officer donated to the campaign of Rep. Harold Ford for his re-election. Then I decided to take the search further. Ultimately the parameters were according to zipcode.

I chose both area codes because one of them I reside in and the other because it contains some of the most stable and affluent black middle class in the city. Some of these individuals own businesses or they are leaders in the community. Alas none of the officers at my bank seems to support Republicans, but that's not a big deal to me. I'm just glad that they are using their money to help out the candidates of their choice.

Perhaps if the GOP really could gain some traction among minorities they could target those with some money.

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