Friday, July 15, 2005

President Samuel L. Jackson

I was looking through Blogginois or at least Blogs from Illinois and I found this interesting post from It's Matt's World.

From July 14, 2005 it talks about the possibility of a black president and such a candidate would be critiqued by their ability to speak. Contrast Bill Clinton to President Bush for instance. Clinton is well spoken but Bush has a tendency to stumble on his words. If a black person has a chance to become president he or she may need to sharpen their public speaking skills.

While he and I may agree that we'd "rather take a jive-talkin' honest man over a well-spoken liar any day", we for some reason expect a black American to sound somewhat reasonable and intelligent.

Read this conclusion...

It really seems unlikely that an African-American who would speak with the verbal equivalency of George W. Bush would be embraced by the ethnic majority. More than likely, they would be critiqued and laughed off the podium, yet so many seem to find relaxed verbal traits endearing when it comes to a caucasian leader. Word of advice for Condoleeza Rice, whom many in the more enlightened segments of the GOP would like to see run for president in 2008: Don't lose that diction, whatever you do.

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