Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A post from LGF from Monday...

This image is from Little Green Footballs. This is a cleric who was sounding pretty good until the end. Here's a quote...

Preacher: What happened in a certain country, which was mentioned in the media yesterday, is a clear act of aggression, which is totally devoid of any logic, and is entirely unjustified. Whoever carries out such an act is not a Muslim, nor is he a religious person. This is the kind of criminal act that serves only those who wish to destroy mankind, and to thwart civilization and progress. Igniting civil strife and using the tools of war and destruction is the habit of the despicable Jews and Christians of the ancient nations, and the Koran has already deplored them for that.

Interesting, this is referred to on LGF as the...

...vast yawning gulf between his world and ours.
LINK to transcript of sermon.

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