Thursday, July 28, 2005

Items from Illinois Leader...

Here's a follow up column from Lee Enokian on the incident from a few weeks ago with Rev. James Meeks. I don't know exactly who might be in the right or in the wrong here. I'm sure there are two sides of the story. Then again another columnist Mary Mitchell did say in a column on this a few weeks ago that...
But as clear cut as the race angle may be to black people, a lot of whites won't get it.

Meeks is likely to find that rather than seeing racism, whites will likely dwell on why he got out of the car, just like they dwelled on why Oprah was trying to shop at a closed store.
Again I don't know what happened I can only go by what Rev. Meeks says and whatever the officer says. Hopefully the two sides will get their stories out there. If this sergeant was really with a chip on his shoulder then I think that's a problem.

Here's another column with regards to abortion and how a United Nations Committee liken abortion to torture. By any stretch of the imagination I am by no means pro abortion, I feel it is the tool of the irresponsible. Then again those who are just having babies and not taking care of them is as irresponsible.

In either case if one doesn't want a child there's always adoption or even prevention with the use of birth control and condoms or even abstinance. More times than one whenever one has intercourse without protection you're taking a BIG chance. I would just rather that abortion would be the very last option on the agenda of any mother to be.

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