Thursday, July 14, 2005

A good blog post

I don't know how this ended up in my email box but I have found a new blog. It's called The New Leadership Blog. It is basicaly a black Republican blog and I have found a post, perhaps this blog's very first which states reasons why the writer for this blog Christopher Arps is a Republican.

Honestly he has more solid reasons than I do. I have yet to get out there and hit it and seriously. But he states his reasons clearly. You may actually like this blog I've actually syndicated this blog as with many other sites that allow it.

Why am I a Republican?

Oh yeah a three paragraph quote...

The liberal philosophy’s main tenets of paternalism and class warfare didn’t appeal to me and are antithetical to the genius of America. I believe that regardless of your race, ethnicity or family background, anyone can achieve their American dream. Liberalism tells me that only a select few can and will achieve success and that I need them to protect my interests against “big business” and the “unscrupulous rich.” I categorically reject this. Let me say that I am not na├»ve to the fact that there is not equality in America, in fact there is not equality in the world. The only place equality will be found is in the dictionary. This does not excuse the racism and the injustices inflicted upon African Americans over the course of three hundred years in this country. My point is that opportunity abounds for everyone and that obstacles I may have may not be there for everyone else. The key is to continue working toward eliminating those obstacles but keeping the main focus on the attainment of the goals.

My generation owes an incalculable debt to those who struggled, fought, and died for me to have full inclusion and citizenship. To embrace conservatism or the Republican party is not a rejection of their sacrifices but a celebration of the values once held dear. Values such as hard work, family, self dependence and spirituality. It disturbs me when our “leaders” adhere to the liberal philosophy that I believe is antithetical to the above values that have sustained us for 300 years. Self-dependence and hard work have been replaced with a government check because the liberals have convinced us that we are owed it, thus destroying the family structure. We embrace a philosophy which is for the removal of spirituality from society. A spirituality that was the cornerstone of our survival during slavery in the form of Negro spirituals, sustained us during the days of Jim Crow, and eventually liberated us and brought us great leaders such as the Rev. Martin Luther King.

Booker T. Washington wrote, “We can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” These words are as relevant today as when they written one hundred years ago. These are words black liberals and conservatives need to adhere to. I believe it is time for new leadership and new ideas. The strategy during the civil rights era of focusing on the judiciary and the legislative branches of government were crucial. Discrimination was deeply institutionalized and in the hope to achieve full citizenship, these branches of government had to be used extensively. Unless full citizenship was achieved, the cry for equality was moot. The mistake in my view is that this strategy is still being mployed. Now is the time to focus on economic empowerment. My parents along with others took advantages of these opportunities during the 60’s and are now solidly ensconced in the middle class. This is where the emphasis must now lie, to achieve “equality” by the past strategy of political means only is suicide. With the rise in population of Hispanic Americans, our strength as a voting block is being gradually diminished. Republicans and Democrats alike are courting Hispanics vigorously, ignoring African-Americans since Republicans know they won’t get our vote and the Democrats know they already have it.

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