Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blogging + Video = Vlogging

This is an article on Vlogging. I found if from Steve Garfield's Off on a Tangent. This is a subject that interests me. I wrote several posts on this back in May. I especially like this comment...

"We're going from being media consumers to media makers. We're learning how to do that," said Chuck Olsen, a documentary filmmaker and video blogger in Minnesota. "There's sort of a whole continuum between (videotaping) grandpa's birthday and filmmaking."

And also this from Mr. Olsen...

Anyone can "create media and have a distribution outlet for it that bypasses television and mainstream media," Olsen said. "It's like slightly curated cable-access."
Perhaps I need to come up with some projects but just for fun. Serious stuff can come later. LOL

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