Thursday, June 09, 2005

Janice Rogers Brown confirmed

This California judge has been confirmed by the Senate yesterday for the Federal appeals court. And I saw on Special Report with Brit Hume a little bit of the debate (?). The Democrats were filibustering her appointment apparently for her conservative views. The Congressional Black Caucus charged that she'll turn her back on Civil Rights.

If you look at the ideology of this fight, it is said that a liberal (Democrats) don't like a minority (black) conservative. They go against the grain of what they think a minority is. The last black conservative to have fought through confirmation was Clarence Thomas and they tried to get him on allegations of sexual harrasment.

The question I have about Judge Brown for the Congressional Black Caucus is, how is this appointment going to roll back the clock on civil rights. And is this merely a charge used against her rather conservative views?

On another note, a local channel in Chicago had an interview with an actor Harry Mannix. You may have seen him in such movies as Ray to name one. He touched upon Condoleeza Rice and he said something to the effect of "we need to help her get her mind right". Is this only because she is working in a Conservative Republican administration?

I'm sick of this ideological non-sense. One side genuinely believes their represents what's best for minorities and the other side could care less and would even "roll back the clock on Civil Rights". When someone makes these charges they need to look in a mirror.

Senate Confirms Rogers Brown to Fed Bench

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