Saturday, April 02, 2005

Take a time out for a minute.

I started this blog more or less for my own enjoyment. To at least report on any issues that are of relevance, at least for what I care about. My blog is about black issues somewhat thanks to the fact that I'm black. My only thought is not to complain but to believe that black America can do better.

That being said, I'm beholden to neither a liberal or conservative point of view. I'm all for what makes sense. I'm for making our leaders accountable for the results they produce not so much for speaking up for us. To that end I look forward to reporting what I believe might be good for black America or Americans in general. It could be a conservative plan or a liberal plan but we must be able to weigh the options and decide what's good for everyone.

Finally, I have one more concern. In black America politics have become another dividing factor. One is looked down upon if he/she is found out to be a Republican, but if this same person was a Democrat he/she is such a great person. That's my motivation for not being on the bandwagon of Barack Obama. I don't necesarily think that a Democrat or a liberal will be always good for black Americans. I question what Bill Clinton has done for blacks during his presidency and of course one could only wonder what the standard bearer for ABB (Anybody But Bush)contingent would have done for blacks had he been elected President. Regardless it is apart of my personal platform that we have to get away from almost exclusively voting for one party for nothing less than historical reasons.

Historical reason being as I can decipher The New Deal, The Great Society, support of labor, Civil Rights, etc. The question blacks must ask when they punch a ballot in the next election is what have the Democrats (or anybody) done for us lately. I can really delve into this but I'll save this for another day. The bottom line is I want to know what I'm voting for and why. If it's all negative they will not get my vote. Bottom line is that I believe what I believe because it is I believe good for myself and hopefully everyone else stands to benefit. Most importantly I don't need anyone else telling me what I should or should not believe in.

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