Saturday, April 16, 2005

John O'Sullivan's British election diary

It seems according John O'Sullivan the British people have about the same problems with their governmental and educational institutions as we seem to have here in the states. The why might be different, but it seems all the same regardless. Here's a quote which grabbed me...

These bodies all provide "public services" of one kind or another (including the provision of stern moral criticism.) They are monopolies funded mainly by taxation and unstimulated by competition. And, by and large, they are bad at what they do.

Police don't catch criminals; the immigration service admits terrorists; schools send out illiterates after years of compulsory "education"; the courts free dangerous criminals; welfare agencies station orphans with child abusers; hospitals keep patients in pain waiting for months (the plural of an NHS patient seems to be patience); and so on.

Doesn't it at times seem that way with the public sector in particulary here in the states. Somebody isn't doing their job, but somehow that somebody continues in there job as if they're doing something. That is wrong and this is the public sector at its worst.

I admire Tony Blair for his support for the war in Iraq, but he is as liberal or at least leftist as they may come. As I followed (not closely I'll admit) his election for Prime Minister of Britain the first time in 1997, he was basically running as a centrist, almost like Bill Clinton did. Unfortunately centrism could just be a mask for what a particular politician or party truly represents.

Read John O'Sullivan's column here.

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