Monday, April 11, 2005

Gun Control

Sometime last year, there was a story about some members of the Georgia General Assembly attempting to pass gun control legislations. Since they were black, I had the thought along the lines of, "Don't they know people get shot in the ghetto."

I understand that this statement isn't clear, but to be sure I'm not anti-gun. Gun control legislation is all fine and good if everyone is on the up and up on guns. Unfortunately I'll agree with the pro-gun crowd when they say that these criminals are worried about gun control because they have no intention of following the law anyway. A criminal is going to use the gun to commit crimes whether the crime is murder or robbery.

Regardless, gun control is a simple answer to a very complicated issue. Unfortunately gun control isn't a cure and I do believe the American people have the right to protect themselves with a gun. But the anti-gun crowd will still see guns as a problem rather than responsible individuals. To be sure some police officers aren't very responsible with their weapons. Regardless why shouldn't citizens of this great country be able to defend themselves with a weapon.

Should we not be able to defend our families and our properties. The police aren't always going to be there for you (at least not right away). This is not a knock against the police at all I support the police but the police can wind up busy at the wrong moments.

So if I do indeed say, "Don't they know people get shot in the ghetto", take that to mean that I think the ghetto would be much safer if those people who are sick and tired of violence in their neighborhood be allowed to have a weapon to defend themselves against the criminal elements. Esepcially if they just so happen to own homes or property there.

So here's my solution for guns and their regulation. There shall be no ban at least for those who haven't been convicted of a crime. If they have been or are considered irresponsible with a gun, they lose their rights to own or use a firearm. It's almost like being put in prison or probation. If you are found with a gun, you WILL go to jail, fined, or whatever. This is a more common sense solution then outright taking guns away from everyone.

Since I am on this track check out this column by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington.

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I agree. 100%

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