Wednesday, April 27, 2005

First ladies running for office

Hilary Clinton set a precedent by running for the Senate seat for New York. Ironically there were no vocal charges of carpetbagging in 2000 and she won thanks to a late attempt by her opponent Rick Lazio and his attempt to get her to sign an agreement which caused feminist to chare him with intimidating her. The sad thing about this is that apparently people keep talking about her running for President but how did she even get consideration and win that senate seat. She was running off of her name and her association as per her relationship with her man, President Bill Clinton.

She is consider a very smart woman but she couldn't make it far without that name of her's. Yet feminists seem to support this as long as one of their own are in power. The Clinton's only exist today in my opinion by good packaging. She ought to be thanking the lucky stars that her husband was elected president in 1992. What would have happened if he hadn't won.

Regardless the question was posed to a first lady I care for more, Laura Bush (who just so happened to be married to a President I care for more). She was on the Tonight Show last night and says she has no ambition for higher office. So for now Hillary will have no followers in her footsteps. And hopefully if a first lady does seek office she have a little more than name and an association.

BTW, I just read this off of Yahoo News. I rarely watch Leno's tonight show.

Yahoo News

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The Scrutinator said...

Came across your blog from the pwchicago web-site.

Keep up the good work!

I get a kick out of your poster: "It's not Fascism when we (Dems) do it!"

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