Monday, April 18, 2005

Baseball season

The Cubs traded Sammy Sosa and now we are seeing the new Cubs. They are struggling right now. As of Monday they are 6-6, I'm still looking for the repeat of the run they had in 2003, when they were almost in the World Series until "tragedy" struck. That still hurts, but there's always next year. Next year was the collapse of 2004 and the season culminated in Sammy Sosa leaving Wrigley without talking to the press or even permission.

The Chicago White Sox I always take with a grain of salt. I do hope they do well as I do the Cubs, but something always happen with them. So far they are doing great, I hope this translates into a playoff run this year. I had doubts about Ozzie Guillen but I do like his more aggressive style which I've seen play a few times last year.

If possible I want to see the both of them play.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

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