Sunday, March 27, 2005

Today's Robert Novak column

He talks about those black Congressmen who voted in Support of the measure to keep Terry Schiavo alive. Of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus nine voted for it, thirteen voted no, and eightteen didn't vote at all. This column mentions Harold Ford of Tennessee, Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Illinois, and also mentions a statement by Maryland's Albert Wynn. THe column states,

While he said nothing during House debate, Wynn's statement on his Web site said that while the case should not have been brought before Congress, it had become ''a question of conscience.'' In the absence of a living will, he said, ''Congress should afford Ms. Schiavo the opportunity to continue receiving life-saving sustenance.''

Now the only thing I know about the house debate is that their colleage John Lewis from Georgia spoke up against the bill and in "favor" of state's rights. But those who voted for this bill did not take part in this debate, they just voted for it. Albert Wynn was the only one to make a statement in favor of Terry Schiavo.

In other news some DC city council members want to keep President Bush from throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals. This was only because having someone who opposes full voting rights for DC throw the first pitch in DC would undermine the efforts to "secure full District voting rights in the United States Congress."

I guess this will continue to be petty. They almost lost baseball because someone didn't like the stadium financing plan.

Read today's column here.

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