Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More on Jesse Jackson and Terry Schiavo

I just saw this and I'm just now listening to this. Could Jesse Jackson be concerned about Terri Schiavo thanks to the three-fifths compromise in the constitution. Think about it, if Mrs. Schiavo is less of a person then it follows from there that we can get rid of so many people that way.

Here's the entire point and if you'd like you can listen to the audio at Rush Limabuagh.

CALLER: I have a comment on -- or I have an opinion, rather, on -- why Jesse Jackson is saying what he is saying and I think it has to do with because of his ethnicity and in the past having the three-fifths compromise and how people have viewed black people as three-fifths of a person, he might have a special interest.

RUSH: I think you've got a point. I think that's one of the reasons why the Congressional Black Caucus is concerned about this.

CALLER: I also have maybe an idea for the Democratic Party if they're considering these people less than people. If they can get a whole bunch of them together maybe they can do the three-fifths compromise again for the Democratic Party.

RUSH: (Laughing.) You never know. You know, this does touch a lot of nerves that people don't have the willingness to publicly express, like the Congressional Black Caucus. It comes as news to me that they hold this position. They've not been (interruption). Is that hard to find, Mr. Snerdley? No, I'm not surprised, but what I'm surprised is that nobody knows it. What I'm surprised is that the press is not trumpeting this. What I'm surprised is that the CBC and its leaders are not standing up and proclaiming their position on this. I mean, they have it within their group when they take their caucus votes and this sort of thing. But yeah, you know, when you go back and look at the history of slavery in the country, the founding of the country, black people were considered three-fifths of a person, talk about personhood being denied. So this has some chilling effects on certain members of our population. John in Pittsburgh, you're next and welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

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