Wednesday, March 02, 2005

50 Cent Kicks Game Out Of The G-Unit

Well here's another story in the long saga of hip-hop industry violence. Usually when you make it big in the recording industry you usually leave this non-sense behind. Of course one can't do too much about personal and/or character failings whether they're drugs, alchohol women, gambling etc.

It always seems these rappers continue to fail to leave the streets behind. Some of them get their material from the streets. Even better some of them honed their craft on the street. Today a rapper's reputation is key, especially if his/her music alludes to violence.

50 cent is not a rapper I particularly care for. He's made a song or two but other than that I don't care much about how he became a rapper or actually how an associate or a friend of his tried to hype him up. And it was just so stupid what this guy said, I had to ask if this was even positive. Basically this guy said something along the lines of I just knew 50 cent would be the greatest rapper when he went to prison. Not an exact quote but something like that. Not only you have to be all "hard", thuggish, ect. but now you must have found your way into prison.

Rap once upon a time used to be good. Now it's become an effort to not only reach new lows, but to just plain take the competition and the idiocy to a whole new level.

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