Monday, February 21, 2005


Sometimes I'm still trying to figure which party I should belong to. I support President Bush but at this point in time if you must start a political career you may have to join Chicago's Democratic machine. Well either way in recents years Democratic activists have attempt to portray Republicans as racist.

To be sure today I do believe racism is used as a crutch but even more important it is used to keep people divided. It is no longer the Klan and keeps blacks and whites divided in this country but as it turns out, it may really be those who have charged themselves with bringing people togehter. See I've found information that concludes that historically it was the Democrats who supported racist polies, not always Republicans.

Democrats/liberals seem to sight 1964 president candidate Barry Goldwater and his no vote in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I believe this to be more political than racist but for some reason when a GOP candidate attempts to go pursue black votes this charge comes up. The libs/Dems seems to always want to bring up the Southern strategy in which GOP candidates pursed southern white voters. Well didn't those voters used to be Democrat and seeing Democrats take the lead on issues of Civil Rights and accept more minorites into the fold I'm sure this frieghtened the southern white voter at the time. They connect this southern strategy with both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

In any event I've ran into an article from Deroy Murdock from the National Review. I seeks to swat whatever myths that have grown about who's racist and who's not out of the sky. I've not read it yet but hopefully you will and see if it's valid or not. Perhaps at some point I can come up with some point that I know about.

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potatowned said...

For some reason white Republicans are deemed racist... no matter what.

Prior to the 2004 election, I recieved no less than 10 pamphlets, flyers and door hangers telling me(a white person) that the republicans are going to keep me from voting. I live in a multi-racial neighborhood so I guess they just blanketed the block with leftist propaganda. Even as I returned home on NOV. 2, there were two white people hanging things on doorknobs. They asked me "did you vote this morning" To which I replied, "yep.. for PRESIDENT BUSH!" They gave me a dirty look and continued on their merry way, avoiding the rest of my block. LOL All my immediate neighbors are Bush supporters and again, I stress, this is a multiracial neighborhood.

I don't think it will be necessary to go against your convictions and join the liberal dems just for a place in politics. The tides are changing and the only one worried about you looking like an Uncle Tom is the ignorant white democrats. The democratic party is losing their fight to instill fear and oppression in the hearts of "minorities", they're slowly finding out that people aren't as mis/uninformed as they'd hoped and they're losing their party because of it.

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