Thursday, February 03, 2005

Misplaced priorities

One of my favorite columnists Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times has a column with regards to the problems of a Hispanic community in Chicago.

She mentions the various murders that take place in Pilsen and then proceed to talk about two hispanic politicians who go ont he attack against a toy company who created a doll whose story these pols (Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Ald. Daniel Solis) claim as " an unintended mistake" and as "demeans the character of thousands of families and their daughters who grew up in Pilsen". Ald. Solis also says that there are problems "across the country with gangs". Mary Mitchell believes they are in denial.

I'd have to agree. Unfortunately, these leaders are attacking the wrong problem. Just as I believe black leaders are doing the same. Shouldn't Ald. Solis and Rep. Gutierrez (who may run for mayor one day) be attacking the gangs that are not conducive to Pilsen's safety rather than this toy company?

Also the story of this doll is true. Her family has to leave a dangeroud neighborhood because it's unsafe and that's what many families regardless of ethnicity are doing. Blacks included. Alas even when we do escape these issues they will follow you. Ms. Mitchell mentions Maywood as a perfect example.

Still this is a case of misplaced priorities. Englewood is another neighborhood mentioned which is seriously overrun by criminals but you really don't hear the Aldermen there going after that problem aggressively.

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