Monday, February 07, 2005

GOP Puts Minorities in Positions of Power

I saw this on the Rush Limbaugh site. When you get a chance before they update the page listen to the audio and read the transcription. They talk about two of the most powerful minority persons in US history Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales. They've went through a lot to get to where they are today.

Alas despite their positions they will get belittled. In this instance here's a little transcription from Rush: "And now the liberals and the left will be forced to continue, because they know nothing else, to read pages from their playbook about how the Republicans are racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes and all of this, and yet there are pictures. Well, now, wait a minute. If Bush is a racist and is a bigot and a sexist...? The left will have answers for this but they will no longer be persuasive. Their answers are irrelevant. They will claim that Bush is selecting Uncle Toms or these people are sellouts to the cause or what have you, but in the meantime, they do serve in these positions of great power and authority and they are part of the president's team. Pictures say a thousand words."

That being said it is sad to me how black have gotten partisan to the point in which they would accuse those of joining the other side of being sell outs and traitors. As I've mentioned once before I've had a guy visit my home who went so far to say Dr. Rice may be "our" color but not "our" kind. However, I could say this about some in the black leadership because what that means is so objective to me. Be that as it may that is perception. I also want to say this perhaps Condi isn't standing up for black folks but is that really her job now. Her job is now as a diplomat and previous to this her job was to advise the President of the United States.

This same man referred to Justice Clarence Thomas in that regards too. Is it his job to stand up for us. It's his job now to be fair. If a black guy came to him looking to be released from prison and all the evidence indicated that he committed the crime and there was no basis for the appeal would Clarence Thomas seriously release this man from prison. I most certainly hope not.

In any case while supposedly the Democrats are the party of the minorities and of the working man, why do they always seem to attack those who aren't Democrats. And why is it that they don't appoint minorities to the important positions. Bill Clinton appointed blacks to the cabinet level posts in Agriculture, Housing & Urban Development, Labor, and Commerce to name a few. But he didn't seem to appoint anyone to Defense, State, or Justice. And it turns out some of the people who he did appoint to those positions may not have been the absolute best for the jobs.

Still despite the belittling by the Democrats is it still safe to say that there is a gap here and it is not the GOP with the problem?

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potatowned said...

The demean the roles of these people in power, yet praise Jesse jackson for giving a speech. It's ridiculous.

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