Friday, February 04, 2005

Black business

Perhaps black America would be on track if there were more of us in the entrepreneurial world. There are a lot of young men working hard in the tough business department at Morehouse. I hear them whining and complaining. I suppose what makes up for it is that they have dreams. Dreams of going up the corporate ladder or of owning their own enterprises.

To be honest I do business with a minority owned bank and I expect to be able to continue to do so. It's better than keeping my money in a box under my bed. My mother goes to a black owned dry cleaner and has her taxes done by a black accountant. Every now and then we eat at some black owned food establishments.

There is a buzz that blacks don't like to do business with each other. In fact a guy attempting to cash a check at my bank said he'll never come back there anymore.

I can agree that it's more important to do business with someone not because they share the same ethnicity with you but because they're the best at what they do. Alas there is a misconception that blacks don't know how to handle their business and it's better to do business with white people. That isn't exactly that truthful either.

In any case if we were like other ethnic group in this country (at least historically) I wonder how much better off the black community would be. It would be nice if black Americans were no different than the Jews, Italians, and even Hispanics. We've even skipped a step, we were already here in America, we were just slaves.

There is talk of the economic power of blacks, and indeed we have in the past (Montgomery Bus Boycott to name one) brought business to their knees by boycotting those who engage in something that blacks don't agree with.

Whatever the case may be. There are a lot of talented individuals in black America who can make that money. All we have to do is use it and if anything else use it for the advancement of black America. Besides there are a lot of us who can do more than be athletes and entertainers.

Perhaps at some point down the road, you'll know about a few black entrepreneurs that I know about.

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