Monday, February 28, 2005

Another column on Jesse Jr.

In Chicago's press Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is really becoming a hot topic. Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times also wrote a column about him. For the most part the mayor's office seems to have become a permanent postion for Mayor Daley and Chicago is run mostly as a dictatorship until Daley. I say dictatorship only becase the aldermen who are supposed to raise opposition basically seem to rubber stamp everything. This is a far cry from the days of Chicago's first black mayor Harold Washington. During that time Chicago came to be called Beirut by the lake.
recent memory, Bobby Rush (he's a committeeman, but he's not really in the Daley camp) and Roland Burris. To be sure she names some other names but that was before I actually paid
In any case I don't know about him not having to face "real contenders". He's ran against in my attention during the 1995 mayoral election. In any event the last election 2003 Daley faced a bunch of political novices.

Could Jesse Jr. prove to be that run for the money Chicago needs? Well he may not have much support of Chicago's black establishment, besides from what I read they don't like him because he didn't "pay his dues". But if I believe he is what Chicago needs for the future and I don't really like his positions on some thing but I would gladly volunteer for his campaign. If he wins his first step is to end that 25,000 signature rule.

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