Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Inaugural

What a difference four years can make. Almost nine months as President, George W. Bush would probably not have been a shoo-in for reelection. Thanks to his "controversial" victory in 2000 challengers were lining in the Democratic Party for the 2004. To be honest I thought that planning for an election three years away was early. Then the unthinkable happened.

America witness the worst foreign attack in its history when terrorist hijacked four aircraft and used them as missiles against New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The count I head is over 3000 people were killed. 3000!!! This was all the work of Islamic fundamentalists. The hatred that caused this and many other acts of terror is irrational at worst. To be honest I still haven't gotten a handle on why they do this. All I can peace together is they hate our Middle East foreign policy and that we're not Muslim. I've come to the conclusion that this is more political than anything.

Regardless, his response to this tragedy has solidified my support for him in the last election and I have faith that this country will be in good hands as long as he remains President. However thanks to a number of factors, mainly his election in 2000 and the fact that he's a conservative Republican whose party is also in control of both houses of Congress, President Bush has suffered non-stop attacks on him by the Democrats. It especially came to the forefront during the events leading up to, during, and after the events surrounding the Iraqi war. It has given me the conclusion that the Democrats aren't about doing anything constructive and I think the rest of the country has picked up on that. They're not really interested in fixing our economy, our healthcare system, defending our country, etc. They just want to be the party in control again.

In any case President Bush's situation is interesting in American politics or even American history. I could compare him to Abraham Lincoln in some respect though perhaps Bush in not even in Lincoln's ballpark. But there isn't anyone else in American history who have incurred such wrath from his opposition while at the same time has to take on a serious crisis.

Also whether one likes it or not, this administration has appointed blacks to the top positions in the nation. Colin Powell and his replacement Condi Rice for Secretary of State. They have incurred some attacks too because of their association with President Bush from the Democrats. In fact there's a column from the Illinois Leader about the attacks against Ms. Rice during her tenure in the Bush administration.

In any case I hope that the next four years will prove to be interesting times. I hope the second term will be successful. Perhaps the Democrats can get away from their hatred of Bush or anything Republican and get back actually caring about the country they seek to represent once again.

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