Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Black Commentator

The Black Commentator is very strong. In fact I read an article about them last year which called them the Black KKKomentator or something like that. Perhaps if I can find that article I can share it here.

In any case I ran across a couple of good articles from them in the past week. There was one disagreeing with Harold Ford on his possible support on Social Security reform and this week they talk somewhat about the aftermath of the Civil Rights movement in light of Dr. King's death.

Again this looks credible to me. The argument made in the article and how the youth might rise to the occasion and bring about change. This is a good history lesson. I hope that this will come to pass. But I must mention that they have a definite bias against anything that isn't liberal or Democrat but I've yet to look in their archives to see if they condemmed Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for their activities. Though I do remember they went after Condi Rice sometime last year.

In any case read the article or articles as soon as I can find the other I've mentined and I'll let you decide.

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